Sunday, 3 January 2010

Training a sex slave

I have earlier talked about training slaves using goal oriented approach. I now want to give you some idea of what I mean.

I always try to have a basic and advanced level and also have very clear goals and one main goal. To show you an example I give you my curriculum for training a sex slave. Depended on the slave, I use whole or just parts of this program. Every part of this can be discussed further and should be, it is after all only an outline for how to train your slave in a strict and methodically way.

N.B. This training is of course combined with other disciplines, and they should coincide with each other.

Basic training
1. Sexual services. Obedience and focus on cock and pussy.

2. cunt and anal training. Learn to squeeze a cock. Expansion of holes.

3. Deep throat training with dildo

4. Be used by other people one on one. Closed sessions

5. To learn to drink cum and urine

6. Masturbation in front of others. fingers, toys

7. Orgasm control. Orgasm denial.

8. Sensuality training. Learn how to move and behave sensually. Positions and stands. Presentation.

9. Oral Servitude ( cock and cunt). Also use of ring gag or mouth spreader, learning pleasing with just lips, just lips and tongue and deep throat

10. Endurance. To be able to be used for several hours. Not to cum.

11. Restrictive training. No talk or sound, no matter what is done to the slave. Always eye contact or no eye contact.

Advanced Training
1. Made to use bigger dildos

2. Rough sex training. To be used hard and brutal with a lot of spanking and beating on breast and cunt. (Only for pain sluts)

3. Used in open sessions with multiple partners.

4. Sensitivity training. Breast and cunt torture. (Only for pain sluts)

5. Be used in public places. Used in discreet but still public places.

6. Being whored out, rented out. (Optional)

7. Learn to please a stranger.

8. Cock attendant. Wash, suck and care for cock. Focus on pleasing all cocks. Hold cock while owner is peeing, sleep with cock in mouth or in ass.

9. Orgasm without touch

10. Initiative training. The slave is trained to take initiative for sex and being used. Rewarded every time she get someone to cum from her actions. Punished when she is out of line or fails in her efforts.

1. To be able to be used by any man or woman. Regardless of size or force. A three hole slave.

2. To have the right focus and to eagerly perform her duty without hesitations or doubt

3. Become a fuck doll in look and use. To transform appearance with cloths and attitude. If possible to have body modifications; breast and lips, bleach anus and smaller labia

4. To be able to use the body in every way to induce pleasure.

To be an eager sex slave with no inhibitions.


  1. Reading this site I now understand that all female slaves need extreme S&M treatments to get their lust to peak and so that they become totally devoted and surrendering totally and testing extreme sexual experiences and limits.

    slave maria

  2. slave maria,
    All women today are confused about their role in society, who they are and what is expected of them. To come to terms with this, extreme S/M and objectification is a good way to go, there are more gentle ways, of course, but they take longer to get to the same result. The goal is to be focused and productive and you need to remove inhibitions, limits and boundaries.

    So if you, as a slave, are ready to let go of societies leash and want to peak and become a totally devoted slave your observation is valid. Because that is being true to yourself and who you really are.

  3. As a slave myself, I love and appreciate your command of detail.

  4. susan,
    thanks for your kind words. To have detailed goals is a must in all training or I end up with even more confused slaves. I am a builder not a destroyer. It is, as I see it, a must to have the kind of slaves I want in my life.

  5. its realli GREAT 2 get all that detail about wat u talk about! :)
    it realli helps a LOT! :)

  6. Sir Fenrir#
    I am really happy to see that somebodu kows and understands the true training needs
    i wish i could undergo this properly

    slave May

  7. Send an application to if you are interested in a life here as a sex slave.

    Sir Fenrir

  8. Years ago, My Master Husband choose me to be trained by a Master in Cornwall England while he went to study in the U.S, The training lasted about one year. From my experience, whoever trains the slave will build an strong emotional connection between that slave and her trainer. This can be a very very deep bond that can have a profound impact on the slave that is hard to overcome emotionally. At least, this was my case Sir. if You are the kind of Master who wants your slave to also be your wife, sharing a love relationship with you... then having someone else train the slave might create an emotional conflict where the slave is with her husband, but feels drawn to the trainer. In this kind of situation, the slave might actually develop feelings of love for the trainer and be unable to submit successfully to her husband, at least for a while... Do you have any special training instructions on this Sir?

  9. Master should know how to tame and train His slave in that manner she will be blooming her eager and excited desire to servitude.
    Real competent slave girl should review in her mind daily all her obligations, teachings, mistakes and experiences, and later on every night prepare herself make confessions to her Owner.

  10. I also like the way the Muslim world treat women. Personally, I can’t stand women in western society walking around like whores. It is very distracting. It is especially distracting when they walk around barefoot, as I have a major foot fetish and can hardly take my eyes off the beautiful feet that I see. If I had it my way every women would be inside their home, or in a whore house, or in a porn studio. I believe that the only thing women are good for is sex, making babies, raising the kids, cooking, cleaning, waiting on men, or just doing anything that pleases a man. In my world every women would be barefoot, fully clothed around male guests (if they are wives and if the male chooses), uneducated, and well trained, as the punishment for women talking, making any noise, smiling, showing any emotion when not given permission and questioning or talking back would be severe. All men would view women as dolls and pets to use & abuse, and there would be zero respect for women. Also, men would have as many obedient and submissive wives as they want.

  11. Mark, that's a very narrow minded selfish view of the world. I'm submissive to my Husband because it pleases us both. We're both highly educated and work outside of the home. Two incomes are much better than one. What if you had many wives that were uneducated and unskilled and then you suddenly died in a car accident? How do you expect that they would be able to provide for your children until they find another provider? I think there needs to be respect between Doms and subs regardless of gender. Your view on the world is frightening. My Husband provides, cares, and corrects when needed. You can have both an educated and submissive spouse. You think women need to cover themselves because you can't control yourself? That's a problem with you, not the women. My Husband treats me with respect because I treat him with respect. He appreciates me and I appreciate him. I don't see how you can assume you are superior because you happened to be born with a penis. I'm sexually submissive because I enjoy it, not because I'm inferior in any way. Strenght makes a good sub.

  12. Your husband is weak. Women are not to be respected. Women who are feminist or too independent should get Lobotomies and programed with a created memory so they are obediant to their husband and children (boys) who do exactly what her husband and boys want. Abortion should be illegal and so should birth control. Believe it or not, but I do love women. I have many female friends. Some I fuck. Some of them actually hate women. Honestly a women who hates women is hot. But, I still have zero respect for all women.

  13. Luckily for women mark, you are in no position of power to enforce your views on others. Western society gives women the right to choose their own lives, and any whining on your part doesn't change that. Human nature, regardless of gener, is to fight. It's how women's rights came to be, and it is how it will continue to be.

  14. A constant issue I am having is that I cannot seem to control my orgasms. I will ask if I can cum and regarless if he says yes or no, I cum. Of course I am always punished for this but I cannot help it. Any advice for this?

  15. Hello This is Shawon from Bangladesh. I like to make make my wife my sex slave. Can any one help me.

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